Chinese Women Say No to Sex

Chinese Women Say No to Sex

Do Asians value sex in the same way that westerners do?

For many in the west, bad times in the bedroom can often lead to a crumbling relationship.  Many of us in the USA (and probably more so in Europe) measure the overall health of a relationship by the number of times, well, we get it on.

What about in Asia?  Is sex really that important?

I mean, we’ve all heard about how young people in Japan supposedly lost interest in having sex.  Even before that, “the herbivore man” popped up in Japan and became not only a domestic sensation, but an internationally recognized new species.  These Japanese men can’t be bothered to walk out their door, woo a woman and try to bed her–I mean, geez, that’s so much work.  What can a woman do that some good porn and your virtual date Natsumi on the Nintendo DS can’t do?

Japan is usually bullied by the international community for being a sex-less and neurotic country–but what about its neighbors?

While doing research at work, I stumbled upon this study.

“45% of women in China would rather give up sex for a month than their cell phone.”

…… whoa!

That’s almost half of all women in China giving up sex to send WeChat messages and play angry birds!

And really, if this survey were to be conducted in Japan or Korea I doubt that the results would vastly differ.

This is a stark contrast to their Brazilian counterparts.  In Brazil, 20% of women get pissed at the mere fact that their man brings a cell phone or tablet INTO bed!

The Modern Chinese Relationship

In a country where marriages are usually decided by number of properties and the amount of zeroes in the man’s annual salary, it’s not that surprising to find that sex ranks low in terms of importance.  Sometimes I even wonder if sex is just used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the duty of giving birth to a child for each respective set of parents.  Then it’s done.  Over.  Phew, no more sex for us!

My Chinese friends aren’t very open about their sex life, but for some reason I can’t imagine them really rocking the mattress.  When I talk to many of my Chinese girlfriends, they chat to me about sex like its some horrible chore they have to do–like the dishes.  Even in Japan, my fellow co-workers and classmates would complain about their boyfriends wanting sex on a bi-weekly basis and how it was too much.  No wonder their husbands are flocking to the host bars.

Anyway, was a bit shocked about this study.  I’m always amazed at how glued Chinese people are to their tablets and cell phones, but I guess even sex can’t lure them away from their online shopping and weibo.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Women Say No to Sex

  1. Hey. Just wanted to say I love the way you have subheadings breaking down your story. It’s a logical progression of your thought process.

    I guess it’s a feedback mechanism compounded by culture. In Japan, young people are socialized by their elders, society, etc to be averse to sex (yet paradoxically they are surrounded by it and obsessed by it at the same time). Then when they get into relationships, the women are turned off to sex, so the men get frustrated and go to host bars. That perpetuates the cycle of turning the women off sex (who wants to be intimate when the partner is clearly cheating?).

    Not sure what the deal is in China. Maybe it’s because attraction and affection and partner choice are all separate. Maybe the men focus all their energies into what they think women want (salary, material thing) and neglect developing skills in other aspects of a relationship (sex, affection, communication).

    Good sex shouldn’t be a chore. Come to Latin America and let one of us take care of y ou. I guarantee you it’ll be unforgettable. 😉

    1. Hey, thanks for the reply. Sorry for the late reply—I thought you were someone I know 😉

      Anyway, you’re not far off with your theory there. Japanese people are fairly repressed, but I was surprised to find out that many of my students in Japan were losing their virginity at 14-15. Rather than be completely repressed from sex, I think their morals on the subject of sex is all backwards. In America it is unbelievable that a man could cheat on his wife, and the sin ranks up there on the top 10 list of ‘worst things you can ever do’ along with killing a man. In Japan, I don’t think it ranks that high and is actually more ac cepted than rejected. Most women enter into a Japanese marriage knowing that cheating is bound to happen sooner or later, and just kind of deal with it in their own way.

      And you hit the nail right on the head with China. Men put all of their focus on salary and material items, yet surprisingly, this is what women want here. I think compatibility and companionship here isn’t really all that important. In a society where financial security ranks higher than emotional support, then I think there’s bound to be some suffering in the bedroom.

      Haha, yeah, I heard about the Latin men. Maybe I’ll go down to South America and do some ‘research.’

      Thanks for the comment! 

    2. I think you are right when you say the chinese men focus on there salary to attract the Chinese women.
      I feel sorry for the men as my experience is that the Chinese women will manipulate them to get all there selfish needs met. Needs such as money, house, allways about them etc. And after all that the men have sex with them.
      Just another form of prostitution. The Chinese women realy are rubbish human beings. No soul.

  2. Yep. The Chinese women are soul-less and worship money. A very trashy human-being. The sex is very poor as well as they expect the man to do everything. Why not. They are treated like the womens slave.

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