Finding Inspiring, Powerful Female Leads in Asian Media

Image courtesy of Lord of the Rings Wiki

If you couldn’t tell, I grew up a fantasy nerd.  My brother loved fantasy books and passed the tradition onto me–which meant that in 5th grade I was reading the Hobbit, and by the end of the 6th grade I had already finished the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

After reading Lord of the Rings, I was a diehard Eowyn fan.  She was the only female in the entire series to kill a nazgul.  Not only that, but she disguised herself as a male to participate in the war to prove herself.  What. a. badass. read more

The Wind Rises

The movie poster for “The Wind Rises,” the latest and ‘last’ movie from Hayao Miyazaki (I think this is his 3rd ‘last’ movie?) was posted not too long ago.

I LOVE this poster.  Reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle , yet still has a fresh and new feeling, luring you into yet another world created by the lovely Mr. Miyazaki.  Just from looking at the poster alone, I already know this film will combine the best elements of Studio Ghibli: Fantasy, Romance and the beauty of youth. read more