Blogs I Dig

Blogs I Dig

Personal Finance

Millennial Lifehacker

Ok, this is a shameless plug, but this is my boyfriend’s blog.  Wait wait, trust me–his blog is definitely worth reading.  He’s a doctor/banker/programmer that is, essentially, a finance genius.  His blog on personal finance (along with his book) is a must!

Life and Love in Asia

Speaking of Asia

This Yangxifu (western wife) has been one of the earlier advocates on the web for the White-Woman, Asian-Man relationship.  She’s there to answer all your questions about interracial Chinese-Western dating through shared stories and a Q&A column. 

When West Dates East

Hilarious stories of a western woman foray into the courtship, proposal and wedding to her Chinese-American boyfriend.  Really funny stories that had me laughing out loud at my desk at work.  Just read it, Autumn is awesome–you won’t regret it.

Marta Lives in China

A blog full of interesting stories that examine the differences (and similarities!) between Spain and China, dating in Asia, and also the everyday happenings of life in Suzhou as a foreigner.  An honest, genuine blog that is a fun read!

Lani and the Universe

A wandering nomad that has lived in the desert of America, the deep south, the islands of Hawaii and now calls Thailand home.  A funny and unique insight into life in Thailand.

A Cup of Zhou

An American guy named Zhou writin’ about life in the Middle Kingdom.  Thought-provoking, witty, funny and overall packed with interesting perspectives on life in China.  Definitely worth a read!

Daydream Tokyo

A German expat living in Japan, exploring Tokyo and the inner countryside of Japan one photo at a time.  Fantastic photography and great insight into her new life in Ikebukuro.

Sincerely Shalom

An American ex-pat now living in Taiwan  the US with her Taiwanese husband.  An authentic look into the lifestyle of living in Shanghai, with food photos that will have you drooling.

The Sound of Wings

The travels and adventures of a Chinese woman in China, Europe and the United States.

Travel Blogs

Daniel McBane

This travel blog literally has me laughing out loud at my desk.  Daniel is a great photographer with fun and humorous writing.  Not your average travel blog.

Blogs about Japan Worth Reading

Japanese Rule of 7

This is the funniest blog I have ever read.  Ken’s writing is not only witty and smart, but his insight into Japanese culture is fresh and, at times, heart wrenching.  There’s a bazillion blogs on the web about Japan, but this one takes the cake.

Zooming Japan

This German ex-pat in Japan has been to EVERY PREFECTURE.  If that isn’t motivation enough to go to her website, then just check it out for the great photos of Japan.  You’ll be sold instantly.

Cool Chicks

Charlotte Steggz

A former ex-pat of Japan and Germany, Charlotte is a media and marketing master that introduces us to her life in England, uncovers the mysteries of Japan and gives great tips on job hunting!

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  1. Hi Ruby,

    This is Line, the author of, a lifestyle blog written from Shanghai.

    I really like your blog! I have a Shanghai-based bloggers project I would love to involve you in you so we can feature your blog and make it available to more readers!

    I’m not sure how to contact you directly through your blog (did’nt find an email, not sure I’m just wordpress blind) so please get in touch either on my email or my personal wechat 156 1889 2102.

    Have a great Monday =)


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