Racist Japanese Ads?

Japan’s Version of Being International

I was looking through ad news at work and discovered that ANA airlines got in big trouble about the following ad, and immediately pulled it from the air with an issued apology:

For someone that has lived in Japan for a long amount of time, I’m not surprised at this advertisement in the slightest.  In fact, when I showed it to my boss she said: “Really now, it’s not that bad is it?  It’s controversial enough to take off the air?” read more

Taking the JLPT Test in China

The Horrors of Taking the JLPT Test in China

I took the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 last Sunday.  I won’t even go into the logistics of the test.   Like, who says あるまじき anymore?  Whatever.

What I want to complain about is: The test center.  I signed up for the nearest testing location in Shanghai, which  was deep in the-middle-of-nowhere subrb.  I get to the university (testing location) and ask the nearest guard about the JLPT test, and she’s oblivious.  She points me to a nearby sign that has some stuff on it.  Lo and behold, it lists all information about the JLPT–except where to actually take it. read more