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Traveling Provence and Southern France in March

Traveling Provence and Southern France in March

My fellow friends and family looked at me in horror when I said my husband and I would travel to Provence and southern France in March 2022. When we bought the tickets to Paris in January 2022, the omicron virus was still raging in both the US and EU and the border situation was precarious. Regardless, we took a gamble on the tickets. It was our last chance to take a long vacation and go abroad (due to husband’s work duties), and we were itching to travel.

So why France, and Provence in particular? read more

Europe Highlights: Three Countries in Ten Days

Europe Highlights: Three Countries in Ten Days

Europe Highlights

So I traveled to three European countries in ten days.

And I highly recommend you don’t do it.

I’m a firm believer in traveling slow and enjoying the sights, but since I’m American and I only get a whopping 12 days of paid holiday per year, I had my limitations–so I made do.

My plan was to head to  Paris (for a bachelorette party), then Berlin (to see my good German friend) and, finally, Brussels for the wedding.

I only scratched the surface of each city/country, but here are the highlights:

Paris – Totally Worth it

Europe - Paris7
It’s more than just a tower

Paris is romanticized to death.  I heard mixed reviews about the city that ranged from ‘epic’ to ‘dirty’ and even ‘disappointing.’

Let me clear up everything now: Paris is everything you imagined it to be.

It’s a white city that lights up at night.  It’s full of couples kissing in parks, creperies around every corner waiting to sell you a delicious, nutella filled pancake; and dotted with al-fresco cafes perfect for people watching and sipping coffee.

As I walked around Paris, the only words I could muster to describe my surroundings were:

“This place is too, too beautiful.”

Europe - Paris
In my dreams, I own one of these apartments (preferably the one at the top)
Europe Paris Shop
Europe Paris Architecture
This is what Paris looks like. How can you not be enchanted?
Paris Flower Shop
Europeans love to buy flowers. Paris was full of flower shops.

The architecture.  The history.  The river flowing through the city.

It’s magical.

It’s also easy to see that the French have a totally different way of life from us Americans.  People take their time to eat meals (lunch or dinner is usually 2 hours long, with coffee or wine included), they take life slow (thus they sit in cafes people watching and reading newspapers) and they don’t sweat the small stuff.  They revel in the good things in life, such as fine cheese, wines, and bread (I’m convinced I was French in a past life).

Oh god, bread.  Croissants.  Baguettes.  Pastries.  If you need reason to go to France, just do it for the bread.

My top recommendation for Paris?  Go to the city center near sunset (preferably near Notre Dame or the Louvre).  Find a bridge, stand there, and watch the sun melt into the river and paint  the city in orange pastels.

Sunset on the Seine
Sunset on the Seine

Europe - Paris3

Europe - Paris8

After night descends on Paris, all of the buildings light up (it’s not called the City of Lights for nothing) for some great night strolling.  Much to my surprise, the city is empty and quiet at night.  Walking around a silent Paris, gazing at the old houses, Notre Dame, and the small bars open for late visitors-it was peaceful, serene and magical all at once.

Europe - Paris6

paris - night

Europe - Paris5

I didn’t want to leave Paris.  I thought of ways I could return; perhaps maybe take a French course (or two).  I was entranced by Paris, and France as a whole.  I want to go back.

Berlin – An Up And Coming City

Biew from the Top of Berlin Tower
View from the top of Berlin Tower

As soon as I landed in Berlin, I knew I wasn’t in France anymore.  The area surrounding the airport felt like I traveled back in time to communist, East Germany.  Compared to France with its stylized balconies and gothic architecture, Germany looked like an industrial wasteland.

Europe - Berlin0

That is, until I reached the city center.

Europe - Berlin

The buildings in Berlin are tall and colorful (not white like France) and still retain a sense of history from decades long before the war.  It’s a blend of old and new, in the best way possible.

Europe - Berlin3

Berlin is hipster haven.  New, hip coffee shops are popping up on every street corner.  There’s musicians and artists everywhere.  Quirky bookstores and mom-and-pop craft stores selling the latest fashion and home decorations were in every neighborhood.  Swanky restaurants that serve the best of Asian fusion, authentic Italian, and even modern takes on American burgers (fig burger, anyone?) were a dime a dozen.

Walking around Berlin is a treat in itself.  So many shops to explore, so many places to eat, and so many events to participate in–like Shanghai, it’s a city that will never bore you.

Europe - Berlin2

My friend also took me to all the historical, tourists sights.  We saw the city symbol, Brandenburg Gate, built in the 1700s to signify peace after the 30 years war, but later became a sort of barrier that separated east and west Germany.  Nearby, there is a memorial in honor of the Jews.  It’s beautiful and eerie.

Europe - Berlin4

Europe - Berlin5

Jew Memorial in Berlin
Memorial for the Jews. Each square is supposed to resemble a grave. A modern work of art in the city center.

Our last stop in Berlin was the Berlin Wall; or at least, what’s left of it.  It’s now a crumbling wall of Graffiti, a kind of mini art museum out in the open for all to see.

Europe - Berlin8

Europe - Berlin10

Berlin Wall

It’s easy to see that Berlin is a city that has risen up from the ashes of its communist days and still continues to thrive, grow and become one of the most innovative cities in Germany.  While Berlin is looking forward, it’s still easy to see much of its past speckled throughout the city.

Berlin Sunset
Sunset near the famous bridge located by the wall. Known as one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Berlin.

Europe - Berlin11

“My parents lived in East Germany before the wall came down,” my friend said. “People didn’t have refrigerators, stoves, cars… it was a terrible place.  My parents were going to risk their lives and cross the wall, but luckily it came down before they could execute their plan.”

He smiled, “they never imagined that only a few years later they would have a son travel to America.”

Berlin City Center
My German friend–miss you!

My personal tip for Berlin: Visit the neighborhood Prenzlberg.  It’s the neighborhood I stayed in and it’s quiet, quaint and full of great restaurants and shops.  Walking around the neighborhood alone is entertainment in itself, and the sheer variety of local shops selling books, vintage clothing, stamps, stationary, pottery and more will keep you entertained for hours.

A normal street on Prenzlberg

berlin - prenzelberg

And Finally, Brussels

Brussels houses
I love how different all the houses in Brussels are–so cute!

Beer.  Chocolate.  Fries.  And a wedding.

This was my time in Brussels.

The french fries are divine (crispy with just enough salt, but still warm and soft on the inside), while the chocolate is simply the world’s best (Godiva isn’t a Belgian brand for nothin’), and the beer…oh, the beer….

brussels - beer
Belgian Beer in Belgium! Livin’ the dream!

I love my Belgian beer.  Going there and drinking it in person was like a childhood dream come true.

Belgium is a trilingual country with three national languages: French, Flemish and German (and just about everyone speaks English).  The country is very inconsistent with its languages, with some trains running in French, some advertisements in Flemish, and a few restaurant menus written in German.  It’s a city that feels like a mix of France and Germany combined.

My favorite part of Brussels was the size and the atmosphere.  Although Brussels is the fortress city for the European Union, it has a very small-town feel.  It’s cozy, comfortable, and easy to get around (you could probably walk from one end of the city to the other in less than 2 hours).

Europe - Brussels10
Central Brussels at dusk
No car day in Brussels
September 20th was “no car” day in Brussels. The city was completely void of cars–it was amazing!
Europe - Brussels13
Bikes, bikes and more bikes! Having no car day in the USA would be impossible…
Brussels Grand Place at Dusk
“Grand Place,” the most famous landmark of Brussels

Europe - Brussels7

Europe - Brussels3

Brussels Cathedral
I literally stumbled upon this gigantic cathedral out of nowhere. The light at sunset lit it up beautifully.

I never imagined in a million years I would go to Belgium (hell, I just discovered Belgian beer 4 years ago).  Yet one of my very close friends, a former classmate from my Tsinghua days in Beijing, moved there recently with her fiancee and decided to have their wedding ceremony there–and I just had to go.

At the wedding there was out-of-this-world food, free-flowing champagne, the best damn vintage of red wine I’ve ever sampled, and most importantly–my friend, her (now) husband, and their happiness.  It was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve ever attended, and I met friends both old and (mostly) new.

Forest in Ixelles
To get to my friend’s wedding, you first had to traverse a forest in the city center of Brussels….
brussels - wedding
… then use a boat to cross a lake to reach the jaw-dropping reception area.
Europe - Brussels12
The cutest wedding cake ever. My lovely friend and her fiancé.

My tip for Brussels: Eat, eat, eat.  The food here is fantastic.  The best fries to be had are not in restaurants, but little shacks outside that sell them in cones.  Try the shack at Flagey station (it always has a line) for some real, authentic Belgian fries (and don’t forget to find a bar and wash it down with some Belgian beer).

Chocolatier in Brussels
Chocolate stores are EVERYWHERE in Brussels.
brussels - waffles
A real Belgian waffle–topped with gelato! Waffles are sold on the street and cost a whopping 1 euro.
brussels - pastries
We need more of this in America–and for 7 euros! What a deal.

Europe, I’ll be back

Europe - Berlin12

Europe, I hope I can see you again someday soon.

And maybe stay for the long run.