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Glenn, The Walking Dead, and Asian Men On TV

Glenn, The Walking Dead, and Asian Men On TV

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

My best friend sent me a clip of Conan O’Brien  and an Asian guy named Steven Yeun going to a Korean spa in Los Angeles.   Like always, Conan had me giggling and I went into fits of laughter as he went butt-naked into the hot tubs (just watch the video, trust me).

Still, when the clip ended I had one question lingering through my mind:

Steven  Yuen Conan

“Who’s that Asian guy?”

“What?” My best friend was in shock.  “Have you not seen The Walking Dead?”

I’m clueless when it comes to the latest “trends” in the United States, since I’ve been in Asia for the previous six years.   All I know is Taylor Swift is played far too much on the radio (and I can’t stand her) and American Idol is (unfortunately) still on the air (right?).  The only show I keep up with is Game of Thrones. read more

Escape to Jeju Island

Escape to Jeju Island


The wind pummeled us relentless, but we didn’t care. The dark blue waves screamed in protest as they crashed violently against the lava formed rock formation we stood upon. Although the dark, unknowing waters of Jeju looked unwelcoming, the fresh and cleansing breeze of the Korean countryside and its pastel, blue sky was more than enough to keep me here. After relentless days of smog and apocalyptic skies of dust and toxic matter in China, the coast of Jeju was like medicine.

The wind whipping my hair across my face, the sprays of fresh, seawater splashing across my open toed sandals, a fresh paint of blue sky: read more