The Perfect Weekend in San Diego

The Perfect Weekend in San Diego

San Diego Picnic

As most of you know, I don’t really like Los Angeles.  It’s congested, crime infested, inconvenient and expensive. It still boggles my mind why anyone would actually want to live here, but I guess we all have our personal reasons (like myself).

Sadly, I started to become disenchanted not only with L.A., but with all of California.  My business trip to San Francisco was met with high hotel prices and countless encounters with aggressive  (and dangerous) homeless people.  Going to Orange County was a venture rife with traffic and expensive parking.

So to be honest, when my boyfriend first told me we were going to San Diego, my expectations were pretty low.

La Jolla

But boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

San Diego is one of THE MOST beautiful cities in the United States.  I know the Angelinos will kill me for saying this, but San Diego is basically Los Angeles without all the crap.

In fact, I loved San Diego so much on my first visit, I knew one trip just wasn’t going to be enough.  With every journey to San Diego, I  end up loving the place more and more.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite spots in San Diego. While all of these locations can be crammed into a one weekend getaway, I recommend a 2-4 day stay in San Diego to fully enjoy sights such as…

La Jolla and the Tide Pools

La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) is one of the most breathtaking beaches in the United States.  Hands Down.

San Diego La Jolla View
Picture Perfect

One could easily spend an entire day in La Jolla lounging on the beach, hiking the nearby trail that runs along the La Jolla coast with excellent ocean views, or doing water sports ala kayaking or surfing.

La Jolla Tide pools
Very, very happy


If you drive further down south, you’ll find a small (but ritzy) La Jolla outdoor shopping area lined up with boutique shops and cute cafes.

Personally, I don’t recommend dining at any of the swanky restaurants near the beach.  Instead, pack a basket full of cheese, crackers, bread, prosciutto, and maybe some wine–and find a patch of grass to sit down for a picnic while taking in these views:

San Diego La Jolla Picnic
Hard to beat this view, eh?

After your picnic, walk down the coast to see the tide pools (which sometimes washes up buried treasure), or simply stroll along the beach as you wait for sunset to paint the sky red.

San Diego La Jolla Hike
Cactus by the ocean!? Only in Socal
La Jolla Hike
Beautiful trail alongside the beautiful ocean
La Jolla Tidepools
The tidepools are super cool!

La Jolla is also a ridiculously clean beach.  While Los Angeles’ infamous Venice Beach may have a syringe or two floating in the water, the beaches of La Jolla are so spotless, you’ll find speckles of sand glittering gold in the afternoon sun.

SD_La Jolla1

Another perk?  Parking is free.  Yup.  Take that $5-10 L.A. beach parking garage.

Downtown San Diego

SD_DowntownBoutique shops, chic restaurants, pubs, breweries, coffee shops–they’re all in downtown San Diego.

And get this: It’s walkable!  A walkable city in SoCal!?  I know, I was a skeptic at first too, but after strolling around downtown San Diego I was alarmed to see the city alive with pedestrians.  If your feet get tired from all the walking, there’s also frequent buses and a trolley that runs throughout the city.

San Diego Downtown
The infamous statue of the navy soldier coming home

Not to mention downtown San Diego faces a pier with spectacular views of the bay and a gigantic museum (U.S.S. Midway) housing some of America’s greatest military relics.


Point Loma

Point Loma is a U.S. national park.  When my boyfriend and I first went, we were lucky enough to waive the $5 entrance fee with our national park card.

So for those without the card, is the $5 entrance fee worth the cost?

Point Loma
Toy boats!

SD_Point Loma

Hell yeah.

Point Loma gives you, in my personal opinion, the best views of San Diego, Coronado Island, and the Pacific Ocean herself.  Watch sailboats, fishing boats, cruise ships and other sea faring vessels float across the open blue, in all their majesty.  Soak in the sea breeze and feel the wind blow through your hair as you inhale that fresh, ocean air deep in your lungs.

Not too shabby back drop for a hike, if I do say so myself
Not too shabby back drop for a hike, if I do say so myself

Don’t leave right after scoping out the view on the peak–Point Loma also has many hiking trails alongside the ocean that make for a great sunset walk after a tiring day in the city or on the beach.

The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Kitty
Hey Kitty Kitty….

Initially I was not that hyped up for the San Diego Zoo, but going to the Zoo was my boyfriend’s childhood dream and I couldn’t say no to that.

Let’s just say, there’s a reason this zoo is known as one of the best in the country.

I know, it costs $80/person to get in, which may seem steep–but trust me, you could spend an entire day here easily.

San Diego Roaming Peacock
Yes, that is a peacock on the roof.

The park is made to resemble different natural environments of the world, and it shows.  Walking through the section featuring creatures from the rainforest made me feel like I was transported to the jungles of Ecuador, while the meeting with elephants and hyenas on the open plains took me to the savannas of Africa.

San Diego Zoo
Look at that lush green in the background! We definitely aren’t in SoCal anymore.

It’s the largest, cleanest, most thorough zoo I have ever seen in the United States.  Definitely worth spending a day in, without a doubt.


San Diego is a SoCal Must.

Standing up to the Winds in San Diego
Standing up to the Winds in San Diego

Overall, if I had to make a California recommendation to an overseas visitor, I would tell them to skip L.A. and just go to San Diego.

Aside from the activities listed above, there are other attractions in San Diego such as Legoland (have yet to go) and Seaworld that both adults and kids would enjoy.

Those who prefer the great outdoors can also kayak or surf in the clean, cool waters of La Jolla or Coronado Island.  If you like to party, the nightlife of downtown San Diego is unrivaled and, since it’s so walkable, you probably won’t need to drive (woo hoo!).


Finally, if you just want to relax and enjoy California without the traffic and crowds, then San Diego is the place to be.

Do you have any California Recommendations?  What are you favorite spots in the USA?

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekend in San Diego

  1. I cannot get over how empty La Jolla seems. Tell the truth. You were there on a Tuesday or something, right? I do love the view of the cliffs from Rat/ Redondo Beach, but La Jolla looks positively unspoiled.

    San Diego is lovely, especially Coronado. They’ve really cleaned it up from the more industrial days

    1. Believe it or not, that was actually Labor Day weekend. I was afraid San Diego was going to be a clusterfck (and the freeway from LA was, that’s for sure), but La Jolla was surprisingly empty. When I saw that patch of green grass just sitting there out in the open, I was suspicious. I thought maybe it was rigged with landmines or there was a secret $10/hour sign hiding somewhere, but no. I was really blown away.

      Yeah I wish I had photos of Coronado, but for some reason we didn’t take any (noooo!!). Have you stayed at the Coronado Del Mar before? Oh man, Coronado is so nice!

      1. Labor Day Weekend? For real? Impressive. Oh, the Coronado Del Mar is gorgeous. My friend M was there for a conference once. I collected her and drove up the coast in the convertible, but I didn’t get to stay there.

        You’ll have to go back and get more pictures.

  2. Your post made me miss SD. :'( I’m moving to Shanghai for a semester abroad tomorrow, and am already having clear skies and ocean view withdrawals. Hope you get a chance to visit SD again. If you and your SO join the zoo’s membership club you would easily be able to go to the zoo multiple times – membership also includes entrance to the Safari Park, which is a gem in itself.

  3. Ooooh, those pictures are so nice!! The sea is so blue!! I am looking forward to showing the Mediterraneum (which is as blue :)) to my bf when we go to Spain in a couple of months.

    1. Thank you! I need to get a new camera and start taking more photos. After coming back to the US I’ve been in a rut when it comes to traveling, writing and photography.

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